SigFig Enterprise Website Redesign

Starting from 2016, SigFig has been shifting its focus from serving customers towards partnering with large banks and thus serving bank customers with investable assets. While we've successfully launched multiple products at banks such as Wells Fargo, Citizens Bank, and UBS, the product suite and enterprise value that SigFig can provide was not clear on the website.

Only one SigFig product is shown, while there are three currently.

The primary goal of updating the SigFig enterprise page is to surface the entire product suite and make it clear what each product is for and what value we can provide to large financial institutions.
THE solution

Make the product suite clear and prominent

To accomplish the primary goal of surfacing the entire product suite, I decided to make the 3 products prominent and more eye-catching than other elements on the page. The users can also browse the product information without having to go to another page.
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Also make it shine at F2F client meetings

Because our business development team frequently goes to large conferences and client meetings and has the need of introducing SigFig values and product suite in very short time, we decided to leverage the web page and make the information available on print.