SigFig Core Investment Platform

Since I joined SigFig in 2016, I have been the design owner of the core investment experience. As SigFig partners with more large financial institutions and make investment platforms available to regular bank customers across the country, it's critical to clearly define the out-of-the-box experience and tackle the major UX problems strategically.

We want to help bank customers invest easily but it was hard to deploy our product quickly to bank partners as scale

In the past, our bank partners always have trouble understanding the user flow and the core features that SigFig offers. As a result, it took very long for us to get on the same page and make decisions.
THE vision

Define a set of features for bank platform and make it easy to configure for different bank partners

After understanding SigFig's and partners' major pain points and discussing with my coworkers in charge of the business relationship, we decided to clearly define one flow with a set of core features that suits the bank customers the best and has the best conversion rate.

Ready to be shared with potential bank partners

Because seeing visuals is the easiest way to understand the product and  scrutinize the details. I created mocks for “The Financial Company" which doesn't imply any financial institution that we've partnered with in the past. The mocks represent the true SigFig out-of-the-box experience and have been used in various meetings with different potential partners, which helps SigFig move a lot faster and more efficiently.
investment recommendation
client dashboard
investment guidance

Help stakeholders understand the product flow better

While working with external stakeholders, I discovered that a lot of them they don't understand that there are 2 entry points to the managed account signup flow. To avoid the confusion, I have also created the overview of the user flows which allow external stakeholders to zoom in and out to better understand the critical steps and certain details on them.

Change the color scheme, just in one second

In the process of platformizing the product and making things easy to be deployed to different partners, I started getting hands dirty in SVG color coding. You can see how our illustrations look with different branding. Because of the setup that I did, it becomes a very easy switch from the style of one partner to another one. Therefore, designers don't have to create a different set of illustrations for a new partner, and engineers don't have to upload new assets to code base anymore.
color scheme 1
color scheme 2
color scheme 3
color scheme 4
code in sassmeister